Ingenieurbüro für angewandte Strömungsmechanik



Mai, 2004:

Oce Technologies B.V. published some of the results done in a co-operation with a-CFD to investigate and optimize ink jets. The projects included the integration of several phenomina such as fluid flow, free surface resolution including surface tension effects at walls, acoustic and fluid structure interaction in one single model. The results are compared with experimental data and show excellent agreement. mehr

January, 2004:

a-CFD engineers validate VOF models for the exact prediction of flow conditions in shaking flasks. The study is the first step towards the investigation of biological reactions numerically and the development of reliable scale-up algorithms for the biotechnology. The results were presented during the Conference on Transport Phenomena with Moving Boundaries, 9th-10th October, Berlin, Germany. more

Oktober 16th, 2003:

a-CFD engineers conclude a project successfully. The prject's aim was to development of a sterile version of Frings bio-reactors. A report was published in the October issue of cav.

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