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CFD & Rotating Systems

Gas Distribution in Pump

The efficiency of pumps decreases drastically if gas is sucked in with the liquid.

This project dealt with pumps that are bound to suck gas in. The question is where the gas is concentrated and how the pumping efficiency can be ensured.

The geometry is shown in the first picture together with the pressure distribution within the blade channels. The animation shows the distribution of gas concentration as it changes with time.

Red = High concentration
Blue = Low concentration

Pressure distribution and vectors between blades and in the housing

Gasansaugung und -verteilung in der Pumpe
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Centrifugal Separators

Centrifugal forces are often applied to separate dirt (particles or droplets) from a carrier medium. The question is where should the outlet be to obtain the highest purity.

The first animation shows the rotation of a drum initially partially filled with liquid. The colours show the pressure distribution within the liquid. Hot colours represent a high pressure. Cold colours indicate low pressures.

A separating instrument is installed within the drum which carries the purified liquid out of the separator in a direction perpendicular to the animation plane.

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