Ingenieurbüro für angewandte Strömungsmechanik


CFD for Vaccuum Technology

Radiation in Wafer Handler

In a vacuum compartment newly produced wafers are cooled down. A handler is used to move the wafers around the compartment allowing new wafers to come in and transporting cooled wafers out of the compartment. The cooling rate is the limiting factor and influences the logistics of wafer handling.

The prediction of the cooling rate (radiation controlled) depends on optical properties and the geometry of the device. The optical properties might also be be temperature dependent.

Wafer temperature plotted over time

Jet Pump

A jet pump, sometimes referred to as vaccuum pump, entrails material out of a container by utilizing the jet momentum.

The nozzle design must establish a certain pressure distribution precisely in order to ensure the required entraillment rate.

The pictures provided here show the geometry and the pressure distribution within the pump.


Pressure distribution