Ingenieurbüro für angewandte Strömungsmechanik


Data Security

Engineering and CFD projects involve the exchange of a lot of sensitive information about the investigated process or machine. This is the case weather the actual problem is to be analyzed, a suitable CFD model or code is to be found or developed or even for support requirements.

The data exchanged will include drawings, CAD models, problem description, models and even suggestions for new designs.

The security of such data and the developments involved is hence crucial for the success of the application of simulation techniques. This is as important to us as consultants as for our customers and partners.

This is the reason why we aim at establishing maximum security and undertake several measure to ensure the required criteria:

  • Installed alarm system.
  • All administrative und project data including archives and backups are kept locked.
  • Network firewall.
  • Separate network for CFD computers, only accessible interenally.
  • Regular backups of all data.
  • Internet communication can be coded. Codes are customer and projects specific.
  • Deliveries are made by currier service or personally.