Ingenieurbüro für angewandte Strömungsmechanik


Mission and Profile

a-CFD's mission is to support engineers, physicians and scientists investigating transport phenomena and optimising technical appliances relating to fluid flow. Computer aided engineering tools for numerical fluid dynamics are used to guarantee cost and risk reduction.

In today's competitive markets several aspects have to be considered when developing new products and process. Ever less time is granted for the fulfilment of these ever increasing demands. It is hence necessary to apply modern simulation tools and to have reliable consultants to meet the challenge.

We are specialised in this engineering sector and have been serving European customers for over 10 years. We have excellent expertise using interdisciplinary techniques regarding fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and chemical reactions. The interaction with other phenomina such as structure deformation, electrostatics or magnetic fields is an ever increasing challenge required for several of today multi-physics applications.

Our services include:

  • Problem analysis
  • Optimizing and devising new solutions
  • Choice of best suitable CFD code for current problem
  • Geometry and grid generation
  • Model development and validation
  • Parameter studies
  • Licensing, Support, Training